SIT TIGHT, my new Turnsole single, is about life’s near misses.  Everyone can remember disappointing moments in their lives, when things that felt soooo important to us at the time, didn't work out. And now, many years later, we can

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Lighten up, Eric.

“Don't take yourself so seriously.”

The video for THIEVES (the first single from my 5th Turnsole album) featuring Madison Osment, a student in the renowned CCM Musical Theater Program, came about during a Cincinnati Pops rehearsal for Ragtime. 

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APRICATION-the act of basking in the sun. 

My new Turnsole album, APRICATION, at long last, is finally available. This Friday, September 3, 2021, you can listen to the entire album on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, and just about any streaming…

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Two Musical Worlds-Live

When everything shut down in March 2020, the arts community went dark. But once we (the artists of the world) calmed down a bit, our natural state of restlessness took over and we began finding ways to not only keep…

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“The doers and the practicers”


As a classical musician, I’ve played a lot of chamber music. String quartets, trios, duos, you name it. To tackle a piece of music with your fellow musicians is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. They…

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NATHAN MILSTEIN, one of the greatest violinists of all time, used to say, “I never practice...but I noodle constantly.” As a violinist, I cannot relate to this statement at all. When I practice the violin, I am regimented,…

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Towards the Sun


I've collected vintage books for many years. I love the look and feel of the exteriors, the faded colors, the etchings inside, even the musty smell of the pages. Back in 2015, while I was writing…

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I am at my happiest when I’m knee deep in a new creative project. To be completely immersed in an artistic endeavor, is cathartic for me. It’s a feeling like no other, an epic and unpredictable…

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