Exciting news and Changes to the website 

When you visit turnsolemusic.com you will find yourself on a cover page which contains our REVIEW FROM THE BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE/BROOKLYN NY!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am sooooooooo proud of it. Couldn't  have asked for a better review and to make it into the issue where SAVAGES  are the cover story...Holy shit...they are my favorite band right now.

Also.....from now until the new album comes out our debut album is free on the website.  Burn the entire album or choose a few tracks...share them with your friends!

finishing touches 

As many of you know I play the violin with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.  It has been a crazy few weeks and this album has had to sit and simmer on the back burner for a while.  Now that I have a break it's time to put the finishing touches on this Album.  
I've mixed it and now I will send it to my good friend Rick Fields at SilverOrb Studios to master it.  He did such fantastic job with our debut album that for me he's my "go to guy". A real artist.  

Also...I've finally decided on a cover.  It's another photo by the super talented Matt Zory, Matthewzory.com   I'll release that Image soon.

I want to say this very important thing about this project.......

This is an experimental concept album. It's my own abstract look at the life of this incredible girl so the album is  meant to tell her story from beginning to end.
Even though each song and interlude will have it's own track it will be mastered to be played as one continuous song/story.  It's not a long album. Only 4 full length songs with 4 very short interludes connecting them.  Great for a car ride or on a run or bike ride....just a few future suggestions. Or even better...go to your local Catholic store and buy a St. Joan Candle, burn some incense, turn the lights off, pour a glass of red wine and listen,,,,really listen to it beginning to end.  There is a lot in this short album and the more I listen to it and tweak it I realize how much of my own life is woven into it....and I can only assume and or hope that someone else, while listening to it, might see a bit of themselves in the music and story as well.  

More later!!!!!!!


The Sword in the Field 

At the beginning of the movie The Messenger Jehanette is running and playing in a field, trips and falls...there next to her is a sword. She picks it up and points it at the sky.  What I get from this moment is not the ultimate sign of God's will for her to go to war...to become God's messenger....but as the symbol of the end of her childhood. The end of her innocence.

I will now depart from the Jehanette story and turn to my own.

When you find yourself roaming the streets, alleys, hidden alcoves.....country roads, green fields with tall grass...the woods and streams of your life, your mind, your heart you may trip, fall and land flat on your back. Once you've caught your breath you may glance over at something lying next to you...something shiny and bright....covered with inscriptions and adorned with jewels.  It's within arms length.  A sword.  The most beautiful,powerful thing you've ever seen.  You reach over and take it in your hands and point it at the sky, daring the sun, the moon, the clouds, the sky to come and meet it's sharp point.
    I feel a kinship with "The Sword" as much as I do Jehanette.  It seems with each passing year, month, day or even hour... I trip, fall and land flat on my back, wind knocked out of me but if I just wait a while and catch my breath something shiny and bright catches my eye and I reach over and pick it up...point it at the sky and say to myself "bring it on".  
In my 43 years there have been many swords, many battles, many victories and defeats. All of them worth the effort, worth the fight, worth getting beaten and worth every glorious victory.  
In the true story of Jehanette...she had many swords. Of course there was the "Miracle" sword with the 5 crosses her voices told her about but she lost it in battle along with many others.  With all the swords that were lucky enough to be held by her hand the one thing she never lost and was her most prized possession was her banner.  
I think this most recent sword I've found in the tall grass I will keep sheathed and take up a banner instead.

A Girl 

Joan of Arc, a life by Mary Gordon is a very unique take on the life of Jehanette.  I revisited the book a couple of nights ago.  I only read the introduction.  It was all I really needed to get my mind in knots once again.  Mary Gordon begins the book with she and her husband sitting outside a cafe in Rouen, the city where Jehanette was burned at the stake.  They were drinking coffee on a beautiful sunny day just a stones throw away from where the execution took place.  They were both very disappointed by the scene.  As they looked around the square it was marked by graffiti, trash, people flicking their cigarette butts, ironically, all over the ground.  Some jerk was kicking a soccer ball against the wall of a building where a plaque had been placed in 1964 by Andre Malrqux, dedicating the square to the memory of Jehanette. It read..in french of course "Jean of Arc, without tomb and without portrait, you who knew that the grave of heroes is the heart of the living".
A few minutes later a fight broke out between 2 teenage girls....girls who would have been about the same age as Jehanette when she was burned...19 years old.   The police showed up, the crowd scattered and that was that.
Mary Gordon suddenly had the epiphany that, Jehanette was a GIRL. Mary was so shocked by the fight ....mainly because they were girls.  She says in her book, "girls aren't supposed to fight like that" and that in this book she was going to, over and over again, remind the reader that Jehanette was not only a girl but a teenager.  Quote from Mary Gordon introduction... "She must be thought of as a girl. Our understanding of her must always be enclosed in the envelope of her age and gender. She was young and female, and the interpretation of her acts is inevitably colored at each moment by these two facts."
I just love this story.


In her own words.... 

It was about 8 years ago that I popped open a bottle of IPA, opened the window of my 4th floor Madison road apartment, picked up my guitar and started plucking away at a 5/4 meter chord progression.  I had just watched The Messenger ( story of Joan of Arc) and had the urge to write.  I quickly wrote a song that went along with the opening of the movie.  A little girl with voices in her head...finding a sword in a field...the rest is history, so to speak.
 The next day I remember reviewing what I'd written and decided I needed more info.  I was more taken by Milla Jovovich than the story to tell the truth.  So....I went to one of my favorite places..half price books. Not because it has cheap books but because you can find interesting old editions and copies of books no longer in print.  I bought 2 books on Joan or should I say Jehanne or better yet...Jehanette.  The first was a brief history called Joan of Arc ( A Life)..terrible name, by Mary Gordon and the second was Joan of Arc, in her own words (Compiled and Translated by Williard Trask).  They were shots in the dark...short books..because I'm lazy.. but a start.  
I read the Mary Gordon book on a plain ride to Paris..of all places.  
It was informative but like all biographies (not autobiographies).. it was a "story".  It was entertaining and gave me mostly what I was looking for at the time...escapism/entertainment.  
Jump ahead 8 years and here I sit. Computer in my lap, 4 cats roaming around, 2:30am,having just spent the last 2 hours reading the entire 2nd book I bought all those years ago,Joan...In her own words, and BOOM... my mind blown.  Unbelievable. A must read.
My "little boys and Black dogs" concept album is no different from the films I've seen. Self indulgent BS..lol...but with heart.  It has it's own interpretations, inflections, personal feelings but most importantly it's my own unique look at how and why Jehanette has made and still makes such an impression on me.
Jehanette....that's the name I will use in place of Joan from now on.
I've chosen to use my original song as the opening of the album. A sword found in a field. In reality...she asks for a sword that's buried beneath an alter in the church of Saint Cathrine.  Her "voices" told her it was there and that it had 5 crosses on it. Sure enough it was there just as "her voices" said...covered in rust but when the rust was wiped away there were 5 crosses etched into it.  KICK ASS!
On a practical/ musical note....I dumped the guitar for an analog arpeggiated synth...trust me...live..you'll thank me for it.  The "2nd teaser" is the opening of the song btw.  
more later

My obsession with Joan 

My interest/obsession with Joan of Arc began several years ago.  I watched a movie called The Messenger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhSR80V183c  this is a link to the movie.  I grew up in church and witnessed things that could not be explained.  Still can't explain them. In truth I don't want them to be explained.  It's the mystery, terror, joy, doubt, certainty, faith, faithlessness I love about those experiences that I treasure.  Without naming the movie I will quote a line from one that has always resonated with me. "Science has stolen most of our miracles"  I believe this to be true to some extent.  I will explain.  When I say "to some extent" I mean that science has proven that some things can be proven and some can't. In my opinion there are logical scientific explanations for certain things but the explanation doesn't make them less miraculous.  Nature, the birth of children...love, hate, emotion, individuality, illness..... The truth is.....after all this time we all...and I mean all....small minds and great minds alike know nothing.  We are sill searching and those who think they know "how it is" or " what is truth and isnt" are not only fools but are missing out on one of the greatest pleasures in life. NOT KNOWING.
Joan was a teenager from France who happened to fit the french folk tale profile of the Maiden/virgin who would free France from her enemies.  This story does not come from the bible but from a folk tale of the "common people".  In my opinion, Joan was more than likely a bipolar, schizophrenic, highly religious child with a traumatic experience who was born in the right time in the right place..... Or.she was sent by God to free France from England after the 100 years war.

Guess what....who gives a shit. Truth is...she heard voices.....identified the future king of France without ever having seen him then lead the french army to victory. 
How does God speak to us...through others?...Directly too us? Not at all and we are on our own?  I don't think it makes an real difference.  If you hear/feel a calling either you answer the phone or don't pick up.  Joan picked up.....and that's where this album begins.