SIT TIGHT, my new Turnsole single, is about life’s near misses.  Everyone can remember disappointing moments in their lives, when things that felt soooo important to us at the time, didn't work out. And now, many years later, we can look back with total clarity and see just how lucky we were to have dodged those bullets. “Sit tight, you just might’ve been spared another one. Who can say…” 

Musically, Sit Tight is meant to evoke the feelings of frustration, confusion, and chaos in life, while simultaneously celebrating the invaluable benefits of 20/20 hindsight. 

Visually, I could think of no better way to present Sit Tight’s post punk energy, than to set the music to live footage of an actual car race. So, in order to make this happen,I purchased a GoPro camera and mounted it to a race car driven by Indiana based driver TYLER KENDALL-who generously allowed me to film his race at Lawrenceburg Speedway back in July. 

I’m eternally grateful to Tyler, and the entire Kendall family, for allowing me to spend the day with them at Lawrenceburg Speedway, and capture the exciting (and stressful…lol) footage for the Sit Tight video. 

Here’s to not always getting what we want.


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