finishing touches

As many of you know, I play the violin with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. It has been a crazy few weeks, and the album has had to sit and simmer on the back burner. Now that I have a break, it's time to add the finishing touches 
I've mixed it, and now I will send it to my good friend Rick Fields at SilverOrb Studios, who will master it.  

I've finally decided on a cover!  It's another photo by Matt

Little Boys and Black Dogs, is an experimental concept album. It's my own abstract look at the life of this incredible girl. The album is designed to tell her story from beginning to end. Even though each song, and interlude, will have its own track, its meant to be played as one continuous piece. The album is short, with only 4 full length songs, and 4 short interludes connecting them. I think it's great listening for commutes, five mile runs, and long bike rides. 

Or you can try this out; Go to your local Catholic store, and buy a St. Joan Candle. Take the candle home, light it, burn some incense, then turn the lights off and listen to the album in its entirety. There is a lot in this short work, and the longer I live with it, the more I realize how much of my own life is woven into it. And I can only assume that someone else, while listening to it, might find a bit of their own story in it as well.  


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